I know what you’re thinking, KISS Tactical is a strange name for a macho blog about military and tactical gear and gadgets right?

Well, let me tell you something. If there is one thing I learned during my 15 years of service for my country it’s this:

KISSKeep It Simple Stupid

We don’t mess around here, back in a previous life, if I didn’t keep it simple I could get shot, maybe worse.

Nowadays I keep the KISS mantra with me at all times. Our lives are complicated enough without adding to it when it comes to what tactical gear to buy.

I don’t care what you’re into, AirSoft, Survival, and Preparedness, Bushcraft or you’re currently serving in our military, you want to know what products are the best and why. That is all you need.

Which is why KISSTACTICAL exists, to bring you no BS product reviews, lists tips and tricks from a veteran who know’s his stuff.

That’s all.